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Helping Horses


We do not like to see horses in the slaughter pipeline! We are focused on rescuing the horses that are there and preventing more horses from entering. From helping owners rehome horses they can no longer care for, to bailing, treating, and adopting out horses from kill pens, Equine Miracles is all about saving lives, one horse at a time!



It's been illegal to slaughter horses for consumption in the US since 2007. However, exporting horses for slaughter to Mexico and Canada is still legal and 100,000+ horses are sent to a terrifying fate every year! We support the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act which was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives just last year! It will make exporting horses for consumption illegal!

Spread the Word!


Education goes a long way! It's not just sick, old, and lame horses that end up in kill pens. Great horses get caught up there all the time. If you're selling a horse, do your homework! Ask for references, and call those references! Never offer a horse for free, as kill buyers often target free horses, spinning tales of a good home. Help us keep our horses out of kill buyers' hands!



Why don't you rescue from auctions instead of kill pens?

We would love to go to auctions and save lives! It makes the most financial sense. But we don't go. Here's why:

1) TIME - It's the kill buyers' full time job to go to auctions and get horses. Equine Miracles is run by an all-volunteer force. All of our members, volunteers, and supporters hold full time jobs to support our families in addition to running this entire organization. We would love to do this for a living, but as a non-profit, obviously, none of us make a profit. In fact, we all pour money into this for the sake of the horses. And in between our full time jobs and immense volunteer work, we want to spend time with our families, just like everyone else.

2) EXPERIENCE - You can't, or shouldn't, just show up at an auction as a member of a rescue group. You have to know who the kill buyers are, who the other rescues are, and who are genuine homes. The last thing a rescue group wants to do is bid against another group or a home. It's also important for rescue groups to blend in at auctions and keep emotions in check. If you bid out of emotion, it's easy for kill buyers to drive the price up so you end up paying just as much as you would if you pulled a horse from them.

There are no members of our organization with the time and experience to go to auctions. Yes, we are putting money in the kill buyers' pockets, but they have the time and the experience that we don't have. They went to the auction when we couldn't.

If you have the time and experience, please contact us and volunteer! We can't make miracles happen without help and support from our community!

Isn't buying from kill buyers supporting them?

Kill buyers are businessmen. There are two parts to their business. The first is a contract to deliver a certain number of horses to slaughter. The second is the horse flipper business. As a businessman, a kill buyer will only buy enough horses to fill the contract. Horses they might buy beyond that, they will try to sell for a profit to private buyers. If those horses don't sell, the kill buyer can still make money by shipping unsold horses to slaughter.

Do these horses really ship to slaughter?

Yes, they do. Kill buyers can't make money by keeping horses that they can't ship and aren't selling. They certainly can't put them in the auction circuit again. It costs money to enter a horse in an auction, and that would cut into their profits. So yes, that cute mini, pregnant mare, and sad little colt all ship if unsold.

What can we do to end the cycle?

Boycotting kill buyers will not end the cycle. They have slaughter contracts, so losing the flipping side of their business won't bankrupt them. Four things will keep a horse out of the slaughter pipeline:

1.) End the demand for horse meat abroad

2.) Owners must be responsible for their animals their entire lives

3.) Significantly curb backyard breeding

4.) Support the SAFE act, legislation that will end the shipment of horses abroad for slaughter